Buy a home or rent

Buy a home or rent the biggest question of our time

Buying a home after renting for a long time might be a huge step in terms of finances. And that’s why most people find it hard to decide whether buy a home or rent. There are many Questions you should ask yourself before making the big decision. The biggest consideration when it comes to purchasing a home is the cost of buying. Buying a new house or apartment is an expensive and complex process that could last much longer than you think. Moreover, the costs of maintaining a home and property taxes are high too. If buying a new home is your final decision, you should stay put for five years, because the price of the home can fall in no time causing serious financial loss. On the other hand, renting a home sometimes feels like throwing your money away. Renting a home gives you more freedom and less responsibility. Basically, maintaining a home and all additional costs are on the shoulders of an owner. Have you made up your mind? Will you buy a home or rent? Decide after making detailed calculations of the impact it will have on your life as a whole.



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