Economy management games that help your children learn

In the current digital age, there are limitless innovations that can help and assist the children of our times through the practicalities of life. One aspect of life that every child has to address, once they become older, is, of course, the economic factor. Economy management games are on the uprise. As the tech industry is ever expanding more games are surfacing to help our children, in a fun and enjoyable way, deal with money management. There are many games out now that teach kids about budgeting; this makes the lives of parents that little bit easier. Most children these days have iPads, iPhones or are running android apps and games through some device. P2K money is a budgeting app for iOS, that allows kids to check their savings, budget, update and have a god visual of their balance digitally. Built for kids, it is easy fun and user friendly. ‘Kid’s money’ money is another app available on iPad, that teaches how to save, how much is needed for the items on their wish list and has great feedback from children actually using it to manage their money. Economy management games are an asset to the lives of our children as they need all the tools to help them on their journey into adulthood. STEM based learning isgame basedlearning as the real parallels of both gaming and logic based investigation are combined.